DevRel / Developer Experience / Developer Success

Job Description

Our DevRel team plays a key role in understanding how Descopers (developers using Descope) use the product - from onboarding and prototyping to finalizing production integration of the Descope authentication services.

The DevRel team enables the community to become experts in our authentication features, drives awareness of use cases, creates the needed collateral, and champions feature requests and improvements on the community’s behalf.

The DevRel team regularly interacts with our product managers, customer success, and engineering teams, to constantly improve the developer experience for every Descoper, by creating KB articles, docs, example code, videos, and training resources, in addition to contributing code to relevant open source projects. The DevRel team also represents and advocates Descope service in conferences, event talks, and public demos.

Role Description:

  • Advocate and drive awareness for Descope services in the developer community - by understanding the community’s goals, mission statements, and problems, and providing technical guidance, direction, and assistance through the integration journey
  • Guide customers and prospects in deploying and implementing Descope into their applications. Own the implementation process for customers or prospects (POCs) of Descope into their code and assist our customers with the planning and design of the implementation project. Troubleshoot and address implementation challenges throughout the process.
  • Interact with the community to understand and resolve challenges encountered in the integration journey. Work with the product management and engineering teams to prioritize features based on community feedback.
  • Design and develop remote and in-person training sessions and events for new and existing developers. Work with the marketing team to plan, promote and deliver sessions to increase community awareness and expertise - virtual events, hackathons, conferences, etc.
  • Create demos, guides, and other videos to use for events and web marketing. Integrate the Descope authentication into different open-source systems, and contribute the work to the project
  • Manage and constantly improve developer communications channels - Slack, discussion boards, and public engineering forums (Stackoverflow, Reddit, etc.). Own the conversations and make sure Descope is responsive and addressing feedback on those channels.
  • Work closely with product management and marketing teams to launch new services, features, and enhancements effectively through the developer community.


  • Extraordinary interpersonal skills and the ability to be vocal and communicate effectively, build rapport, and relate to others in both written and verbal forms. Ability to tailor your communication and explain complex concepts to different backgrounds of audiences.
  • 3+ years of working with customers - both enterprises and startups, while supporting their software implementation processes with a hands-on approach. Ability to manage implementation programs both on project-level and technical-level aspects.
  • 3+ years of working on community programs in Developer Relations, Technical Community Management, or similar roles. Including experience in working with engineering teams (part of or closely collaborating with).
  • Experience in the authentication/authorization domains - understanding of AuthN and AuthZ concepts and knowledge of authentication methods and protocols.
  • Working experience in software development - Proficiency in more than one programming language - JavaScript (plain, ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS), Golang, Python, others.
  • Demonstrated writing and verbal communication skills.


The Descope CIAM platform helps organizations easily create and customize their entire user journeys (authentication, authorization, MFA, identity management) using no / low code workflows. Thousands of developers and hundreds of organizations use Descope to improve user onboarding and retention with passwordless authentication, enhance security with MFA and step-up authentication, and unify identities across customer-facing apps.

Descope has raised $53M in seed funding led by Lightspeed and GGV Capital, with participation from several other investors and notable individual investors such as George Kurtz (CEO, CrowdStrike), Bipul Sinha (CEO, Rubrik), John Thompson (Board Director, Microsoft), and Assaf Rappaport (CEO, Wiz).

Descope is founded by a team of highly technical, customer-centric engineers who have created multiple category-defining companies in the past. Most recently, this team created Demisto, a leader in the Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) space that was acquired by Palo Alto Networks for $560M. The Descope founders share their vision in this video:

Founded in 2022, Descope has offices in Los Altos, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel. Since launching from stealth, Descope has been named in the inaugural Redpoint InfraRed 100, a list of the next 100 promising private companies in Cloud Infrastructure.